Supply Chain Competencies

A fundamental error made by many medical device companies wishing to deal with China is poor planning. Product quality issues, late arrival of goods, language obstacles, safe transfer of funds, contractual issues, large unexpected import duties, and logistical issues are the most frequent problems. A&Z Medical has more than 25 years of experience in importing and exporting to China and knows how to manage these problems. A&Z Medical provides Taylor made solutions to grant a successful business with China.

Our services include:

  • Product sourcing in China
  • Suppliers evaluation
  • Quality control in China
  • Logistics in China & USA
  • Regulatory support in USA

Suppliers Evaluation

With more than 25 years experience in the Chinese sourcing industry, we easily identify your partner or product.

QA & QC Management

We have a large and competent team in China and the USA, guaranteeing highest quality standards at each step.


We have long term partners for in bound and out bound transportation, always providing competitive pricing and on time delivery.


We can also provide full assistance for regulatory approval processes.

Manufacturer Negotiations

Our trained negotiators will work with the manufacturer to maximise value and grant best conditions.

Factory Control

Supplier Verification: We will visit the factory and outline a basic profile with all relevant information you need.

Factory Inspection: We will verify the manufacturer’s profile, assess the manufacturer according to existing & international quality standards, trading history and current partners.

Product Control

Finished Goods control: This control is to ensure that the products have been manufactured to specifications.

Quality Control

Inspections are paramount for success when purchasing medical products from China. A&Z Medical has a qualified and experienced team in China and in the USA.



We assist you in choosing the right international & national transportation. With more than 25 years of experience we will make sure that your products will arrive timely at destination.


A&Z Medical through its quality managers and a network of independent partner laboratories which are located in US and China will conduct independent testing on the products, and submit to the certifying bodies, if requested.