About Us

A&Z Pharmaceutical is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of premium quality pharmaceutical products, and nutritional supplements, for over 25 years.

Today, A&Z Pharmaceutical operates with over 600 employees and a growing number of dedicated research laboratories and manufacturing facilities to ensure the delivery of next generation products and services to its vast customer base. Dedicated to outstanding core values, A&Z Pharmaceutical is passionate about its mission to Advance Healthier Lives® through Quality, Education, R&D, and the global service programs that allow us to embrace people worldwide

When A&Z Pharmaceutical saw the gravity of COVID-19 and the limited access to PPE products, A&Z Pharmaceutical began to use existing relationships and resources into the Chinese market, in order to provide quality medical devices to the United States and around the globe. Additionally A&Z Pharmaceutical stared manufacturing N95 respirators in their New York based facilities, responding to the high demand of US made respirators.

All medical devices are commercialized under the brand of A&Z Medical.

Our Mission

Product Excellence

We strive for Product excellence in everything we do to ensure we deliver the highest standards of quality in each product we offer. The safety and health of our patients is our top priority. ​

Headquarters & Manufacturing, Hauppauge NY, USA
Office & Manufacturing, Zhongshan, China

Emma Li Xu

Chairwoman & CEO

Emma Li Xu is Founder, Chairwoman and CEO of A&Z Pharmaceutical, Inc. With prior experience working in China and Australia, Emma came to the United States in 1995, and spearheaded A&Z Pharmaceutical’s multimillion dollar expansion throughout the U.S. Growing up with a father in the pharmaceutical industry, and a mother as an M.D., Emma’s family was always focused on health and wellness. When Emma’s mother passed at a young age, Emma was driven to embrace a healthy, active, lifestyle, and to make health and wellness a guiding theme in her career.